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Introducing Timothy Tang – Illustrator

Shots and Chasers

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Bay Area artist, Timothy Tang, who will be illustrating our upcoming Sanctified rock opera concept album.  Tim is the final puzzle piece to bring this multi-media art project together.   The emotion and intensity of his style will take you on a visceral journey through the story of Deitor and Claire as they battle their inner demons and each other.

Tim is a freelance illustrator and concept artist, who was born in Manila, Philippines and studied illustration at San Jose State University.   He has a passion for hip hop and urban culture and follows the Battlerap scene.  He’s also drawn to island-related subjects because they remind him of home (the Pacific islands).

Welcome Tim!  We’re so happy to be making art with you!

To view more of Tim’s amazing work, please visit his website,  And LIKE his page on Facebook

Remember, art lives by your support. Will you help bring Tim’s art to life with Claire on a Dare?

    Love it?  Bring it to life!   

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